Suzanna Murawski


Keeping An Eye Out For Emerging Talent From the Ground Floor

“Ground Floor,” the Hyde Park Art Center’s biennial M.F.A. exhibition, succeeds once more in showcasing talented works by emerging Chicago artists in a unified way.


April 8, 2021


12:49 p.m.

Artists Run Chicago: Supporting Artists Through COVID-19

Arts writer Suzanna Murawski sits down with Allison Peters Quinn from the Hyde Park Arts Center to discuss the ways the Center has been supporting and making spaces for artists during the pandemic.


March 8, 2021


2:55 p.m.

The Art of Soumya Netrabile: Lush, Apolitical, Ambiguous

“I like things a little messy,” Netrabile said. “I tend to step back from making things that are overt political statements or overt statements in general. I like vagueness—I like things to float between different meanings and not be easily definabl…


February 8, 2021


6:34 p.m.

Timothy Harrison: Coming To(gether) at the Seminary Co-Op

Scholars from across the country come together to discuss assistant professor Timothy Harrison’s first book, "Coming To: Consciousness and Natality in Early Modern England," at a Seminary Co-Op event.


December 27, 2020

Jenny Holzer’s "You Be My Ally" Walks a Core Less Common

Jenny Holzer (EX ’74) negotiates the Core in her latest public art installation, which employs Augmented Reality to render campus buildings as larger-than-life.


November 6, 2020