Wlad Sarmiento

Associate Arts Editor


Disney's "The Rise of Skywalker" is Outrageous and Unfair to the Star Wars Legacy

Disney has depleted the Star Wars saga of compelling storytelling for the sake of money-making nostalgia, and Episode IX is no exception.


January 21, 2020

Rian Johnson Talks "Knives Out."

The Chicago Maroon sat down with writer-director Rian Johnson to discuss his new film, "Knives Out."


December 2, 2019

"Knives Out" Is a Sharp and Funny Whodunit for Our Times

Writer-director Rian Johnson and an all-star cast deliver one of the most entertaining movie-going experiences of the year


November 27, 2019

The Intense, the Funny, and the Less Funny: 55th CIFF Review

Our writers check out some choice picks from the extensive lineup at this year's Chicago International Film Festival.


November 8, 2019

Lulu Wang Goes Above And Beyond With "The Farewell," And She's Only Getting Started

Director Lulu Wang sits with the Chicago Maroon for an interview about her second feature film, The Farewell, out July 19.


July 25, 2019

"The Farewell" Teaches Us How to Welcome Our Differences Before Saying Goodbye

Lulu Wang’s “The Farewell” offers a loving, sensitive take on Chinese-American culture, and may very well be the best film of the summer.


July 18, 2019

Detective Pikachu Uses Humor! It's Not Very Effective...

What the majority of characters in "Detective Pikachu" lack in terms of good lines, Ryan Reynolds makes up for in voice-acting Pikachu.


May 17, 2019

The Wide-Eyed Wonder of "Shazam!"

With "Shazam!", DC delivers strong, family-friendly fare that is equal parts entertaining and lighthearted.


April 4, 2019

The Standard Badass Superhero of Captain Marvel

It is an enjoyable film that, while relying heavily on the established tropes and feel of the MCU so far, will not leave comic book movie fans unsatisfied.


March 21, 2019

"Glass" Shatters (Good) Expectations

Hopes for a worthy sequel to "Unbreakable" are shattered by the next installment in M. Night Shyamalan’s surprise trilogy.


January 31, 2019