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Uncommon Interview: Clarence Okoh

050713 NWS Clarence Uncommon (Jamie Manley)

The president of the Organization of Black Students sat down with the Maroon to talk about campus race relations, why UChicago needs to work on increasing diversity, and what’s wrong with the phrase “politically correct.”

Uncommon Interview: Carol Browner

042613 NWS EPA IOP Carol Browner (Jamie Manley)

Carol Browner, Obama’s former Climate Czar, shared her insights on how climate legislation failed in Congress in 2010, what to expect from Obama’s second term, and why it’s so hard to get people serious about climate change.

Uncommon Interview: Toussaint Losier

022613 NWS Toussaint (Sydney Combs)_1

Graduate student and trauma care activist Toussaint Losier talks about his arrest, the future of the trauma center campaign, and the chance encounter that led to a private meeting with President Zimmer.

Uncommon Interview: Charles Vidal

From on-campus activism to campaign strategizing, fourth-year Charles Vidal has earned his place as one of the most active young conservatives in the state.

Uncommon Interview: Ruth Anne Whitfield


The Maroon spoke with Whitfield about the challenges along the way of becoming an IronWoman: a 112-mile bike ride, a marathon, and a 2.4-mile swim in shark-infested water.

Uncommon Interview: Josh Oxley


The Maroon sat down with Oxley in the catacomb-like basement of the Rockefeller Chapel to discuss what it really means to advise on matters secular, spiritual, human, and all three at once.

Uncommon Interview with Elena Bodnar


The MAROON caught up with U of C researcher Elena Bodnar to talk about Chernobyl, her “Convertible Bra-Mask,” which unhinges to form two gas masks that can slip over the mouth and nose, and her Ig Nobel Prize.

Uncommon Interview with David Sanger

The Maroon spoke to New York Times chief Washington correspondent David Sanger about partisanship, his Progressive Gala keynote, and the very limited value of a White House news briefing.