September 19, 2001

Statement by Randel on Sept. 11 attacks

President Don Randel issued a statement on September 11 following terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. His message is reprinted below.

To the University of Chicago community:

The immense tragedy that has been inflicted on this country -and indeed all of humanity- will deeply affect each of us in some way. And, given its scale, it will affect many members of our community very personally. We must therefore be a strong community for one another. I do not believe that the University is under threat of physical danger. But we must support one another even as we reassert everything we believe about the principles for which we exist: the reasoned and thoughtful work against suffering and ignorance.

We will carry on with our work on the campus. But anyone who needs help or support of any kind, including simply someone to talk with, should seek it. I have listed below some of the resources available to you. Anyone who feels the need to be with family or friends on account of this trauma and wishes to leave work should consult a supervisor, as appropriate.

I extend to every one of you, whatever your circumstances, my deepest personal concern and hope.

Don Michael Randel,

University of Chicago President