January 25, 2002

Plan A

Most every student at the University of Chicago is bound to pull at least one all-nighter during their four years at school. But without an all-night undergraduate study space available, the all-nighter can become a nomadic venture from doom rooms to lounges to unattractive study rooms.

Students have been asking the administration and Student Government for a 24-hour study space for years. On Tuesday, SG met with the administrators from the library, Student Services, and NSIT to find a solution. Administrators were receptive to the idea, but funding and a finding a suitable space stand in the way of its realization. The proposed spaces included the A-level of the Regenstein and the McCormick lounge in the Reynolds Club.

The Maroon feels there is sufficient need on campus for an late-night, if not all-night, study space. Although there are probably not too many students who would study until the sun rises, there are plenty who would work until 3 or 4 in the morning. Of the spaces suggested, we feel that the A-level would best suit student and administration needs late at night. For students, the A-level offers a large, well-lit individual and group study space with access to computers, printers, and the Internet. For the administration, the A-level is a self-contained area with an entrance that is accessed directly from the main door of the library.

However, a cautionary note must be added. The mind, just like the body, needs rest. Many students may feel obliged to study longer and later simply because the space is available. Though such a space may be useful during midterms or finals, it would also be wise to bear in mind why the Regenstein closes at 10 p.m. on the weekends.