November 15, 2002

Michel to become Assistant Vice President for Student Life

The Board of Trustees approved the first step in a reorganization of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students in the University earlier this week. Beginning December 1, William Michel (A.B. '92), currently the Deputy Dean of Students in the University, will become Assistant VicePresident for Student Life.

As Assistant Vice-President for Student Life, Michel will play a chief role in setting priorities for student life. Additionally, he will oversee the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities, the University Community Service Center, and Career and Placement Services.

"I will continue a senior role in thinking about student life and how we create a stronger community on campus," Michel said.

Michel will focus on creating a stronger student community, guiding students in thinking about and engaging in a broad range of campus issues, and facilitating communication about these issues to and from the central administration.

"I'll continue to be able to work closely with students and with a lot of terrific staff and faculty to enhance the student experience," Michel said.

Among other things, Michel will coordinate various projects involving student life and will co-lead the College Programming Office. He will also continue to work closely with the Development Office and Alumni Association to strengthen relationships between students and the University alumni community, as well as serving as the liaison to the arts of the College and of the Office of the Dean of Students in the University.

During the past ten years, Michel has played an integral role in raising the profile of student co-curricular life on campus. In 1996, Michel became Director of the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities, collaborating with students to make the Reynolds Club a vibrant center for student life.

As Assistant Dean of the College, Michel oversaw the creation of the College Programming Office and worked to expand class-specific programming, including the creation of "Taking the Next Step," a day-long program to prepare third-year students in the College for life after the U of C.

"One of the things that I like best about my job is working with students, and that's why I'm still doing this," Michel said. "I've enjoyed the things that I've done here over the past ten years."