February 19, 2002

Univ. revamps Office of Dean of Students

The University announced yesterday a reorganization of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students in the University, which is led by Margo Marshak. The new organization helps to integrate the administrative offices that were brought into a single division with Marshak's arrival autumn quarter, and promotes several administrators within the Office.

"When I came to the University in October, I was asked to oversee somewhere between 15 and 20 different departments and to try to create an environment in which all of these departments have more ready access to someone," said Marshak, the vice president and dean of students in the University. "I thought that it was imperative to reorganize."

In reorganizing her office, Marshak has created several new positions and promoted five individuals within her department. Four individuals will oversee varying aspects of University student services, helping to solidify interactions between different academic and administrative units.

"I think it's a positive step as it allows us to work together more effectively and provide more support for students," said Bill Michel, who has been appointed deputy dean of students in the University.

In his expanded role, Michel will oversee Career and Placement Services (CAPS), the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities (ORCSA) and the University Student Service Center. Michel has most recently served as the deputy dean of student services for development and student activities.

"I'm excited about the opportunity to continue to work with my colleagues and students, focusing on the student community," Michel said. "I look forward to continuing to work with ORSCA and to work even more closely with the community service center and CAPS."

Michel will remain in his role as assistant dean of the College, serving as a liaison to the College, to development and alumni relations, and to the arts. "I continue to serve both as deputy dean of student in the University and assistant dean of the College and will continue to work with Dean Boyer and Susan Art on a variety of student life issues that affect the College," Michel said, adding that he looks forward to working on programming that links students and alumni, through Career and Placement Services and College Programming Office events like Taking the Next Step.

Marshak has named Steve Klass to a new Trustee-approved position, associate vice president and deputy dean of students in the University. The former deputy dean in the division of student services in charge of housing and dining services and associate dean of the College, Klass will oversee the operational units of the division. He will work with the Bursar, the Registrar, Physical Education and Athletics, the Office of Graduate Affairs, the Office of International Affairs, Housing and Dining Services, and Transportation Services.

"It's an opportunity to work with some great, dedicated, energetic, highly intelligent people," Klass said. "For me, that's what's made the six and half years I've been at this institution so worthwhile."

Roberta Cohen has been named deputy dean of students in the University for planning and administration. Cohen, whose position previously fell within the division of student services, will serve as Chief of Staff under Marshak. She will be in charge of the budget of the division and will oversee the offices within the division.

"Roberta's position, which is very similar to the role she has been playing all along as Deputy Dean for Students, really articulates her role as dean in charge of budgetary and personal matters for the entire division," said Chan, the associate dean in the division of student services and the director of student health affairs.

Chan, who will assume more responsibility in the role of associate dean of students in the University, will now oversee the Academic Publications Office and the Testing Office, as well as Student Health Affairs. She will also remain a divisional intermediary in dealings of student policy and security.

Cheryl Gutman will replace Steve Klass as the associate dean of students in the University for housing and dining services. Gutman has served as the head of the Office of Undergraduate Student Housing since 1992. "I will have broader responsibility for housing and dining and transportation services," Gutman said. "I haven't been responsible for housing facilities and the operational sideĀ… but I have a lot of experience in that area and I've been here a long time."

The division will begin to search for a replacement for Gutman immediately.

Marshak said that this is the first of many changes that will take place within her Office. "We will, as a group, continue to refine the things we need to do to make the division more responsive to student needs," Marshak said.

The reorganization changes will be effective March 1. "It's a lot of fun to be able to make an announcement like this because you feel really good about the people involved," Klass said.