February 8, 2002


To the editor:

I am writing regarding the article on the theft at WHPK in the February 1 issue. We would just like to clarify a few points. First, we believe that your article gives the impression that community members are acting inappropriately by having guests on their shows and that in our investigation we would treat the guests in a different fashion than we would student DJs. All WHPK DJs are permitted guests, but the DJs are responsible for signing their guests in and watching their conduct. Although there are more non-student DJs on the air during the weekend, the theft could have taken place at almost any time on Friday or Saturday, including when students were doing radio shows.

A few minor inaccuracies also appeared in your article. WHPK is made up of over 150 active and countless semi-active DJs. There are more than 75 DJs who have rock format shows. In addition, our programming has much more than simply rock, hip-hop, and jazz. Although we are a heavily formatted station, there is tremendous variation in our seven formats and several specialty shows.

Kareem Robie

WHPK station manager