October 10, 2003

Communication needed

The Maroon staff is pleased to report the University's recent efforts to improve communication between students and administrators. Long considered a major problem, we applaud the administration's efforts to inform students about services available to them as well as improve and expand the quality of those services.

The Dean's Advisory Council and the revised help line 834-HELP are parts of this expansion of services, both of which were developed based on student requests and needs.

In addition, the new administrative position of deputy dean of students will coordinate a number of student affairs programs. Martina Munsters's numerous years with the University and tenure as a resident head give her the experience necessary to tackle this job and work effectively both within the administration and with students.

The University has made a concerted effort to reach out to the student body and respond to our needs. It is now up to the students to not only take advantage of these services but to also voice their needs and concerns, be it through the Dean's Advisory Council or directly through Munsters's office. The administration has made good on its promises of better communication and help services; it is now the students' responsibility to respond.