November 3, 2003

Admissions office receives early applications

The aggravation and stress is over for Early Action applicants to the University of Chicago, but the strenuous work of reading the applications has only begun for the admissions office. Even though the deadline has passed, the University does not yet know how many applicants applied early, according to Zachary White, Assistant Director of College admissions.

Since the November 1 deadline landed on a Saturday this year, the office is expecting a delay in receiving applications since applicants were only required to have the application postmarked by November 1.

The Early Action option allows students to be accepted earlier than the regular application process, which allows students to express a special interest in the school, or just get at least one application completed.

The Saturday deadline caused many students to procrastinate, and it may even cause a decrease in the amount of Early Action applications expected. "I was going to apply Early Action, but I couldn't get all of my recommendations in time," said Jennifer Kelly, a high school senior who is applying to the College this year. While the burden of early applications is now over for some students, most decide to submit their application by the regular deadline of January 1.

"I'm a bit intimidated by applying regular decision—more applicants could mean more competition," Kelly said.

Some students believe Early Action will increase an applicant's chance of admission. Others believe that the college will view each application the same, no matter when it is submitted.

"There doesn't seem to be a sincere benefit to handing in your application early—it doesn't change much," said Edward Chang, a high school senior from New Jersey who is applying regular decision.