January 16, 2004

Letters to the Editor

*Fraternity parties*

In a letter in Tuesday's Maroon (Fraternity Parties, 1/13/04), Mr. Feinberg rightly points out the Greek system's narrow-minded views regarding the themes of their parties. In the future, we will attempt to have more tolerant and generally acceptable names for our social gatherings. Sometime in the next few weeks, our fraternity will host the "Sense of Humor" party, to which, I'm afraid, Feinberg will not be invited. However, toward the end of the quarter, we will present, "Pretentious Graduate Students Who Obnoxiously Take Everything Too Seriously," where Mr. Feinberg is proudly invited to be our guest of honor.

Our fraternity contains members from nearly every social and ethnic background: Hispanic, South Asian, East Asian, African-American, Jewish, and, yes, rural Caucasian. Sometimes laughing at our differences, or even celebrating ridiculous stereotypes in an amusing manner, decreases the hold that these attitudes that are so popularly ascribed to have on our social perception. Take the latkes-hamentashen debate, for example. It's curious that Feinberg did not see fit to criticize this University tradition.

I genuinely apologize to anyone that was offended by our party, though it seems no less tasteless than anything on TV these days. So come on over to our next party, Mr. Feinberg, we'll save a toga just for you. That is, if you feel it won't offend any students of Greek or Roman heritage.

Andrew Moesel

President, Alpha Delta Phi