November 12, 2004

Barnes and Noble to receive facelift

By joint decision between Barnes and Noble's College Company and the University of Chicago, the University of Chicago Barnes and Noble and the Barnes and Noble at the Graduate School of Business will be undergoing renovations from now through Thanksgiving. The renovations will improve the stores' appearances, create more selling space, and, in the words of David Shield, the store's general manager, "make it nice."

Renovations will also be taking place in the cafe from now until after fall finals. The efforts to renovate were not catalyzed by competition from other Hyde Park bookstores, but rather the store's volition to provide a more agreeable shopping atmosphere for the University customers. The contractors performing the renovations, part of the Barnes and Noble team, will repaint the walls as well as install new carpeting and fixtures. The cafe will experience many changes as well. The renovations will in no way prevent students from their daily tall mochalatte fixes.

Upon entering the store, one will notice a few two-by-fours, some carpet pieces lying about, and men in white overalls on ladders. These minor changes in atmosphere will likely be of no disturbance to students perusing books.

The Barnes and Noble will experience "no interruption in services, and looks forward to providing a great store and great service for the community," Shield said.