February 3, 2004

HBO's Sex-y ladies ready for big finish

It is only fitting that the ladies of Sex and the City went shopping during three of the first five episodes of the last half-season of the show (sob). The entire series has been a source of success not only for the actresses, but for the many designers that have been mentioned on the show as well. Designers must be thankful for the great props given to them by the Fabulous Four of TV's most stylish show. Come on—before the advent of the quick-talking and quick-shopping bunch, how many people did you know who could recognize the name Manolo Blahnik or knew what a Birkin was?

However, it is also only fitting that the first half of the last eight episodes has been devoted to serious emotional issues involving the characters of Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. Carrie Bradshaw, the narrator—the only character to appear in the opening credits