April 30, 2004

Vote Slate of the Union

Each year, the editors of the Maroon endorse one slate running for the Student Government presidency. Each year brings a new set of slates to evaluate and consider, and we try to make an informed decision that will influence student affairs in the upcoming academic year.

On the whole, the Maroon editors have been unimpressed with this year's candidates. Discounting the traditionally subversive Moose Party, the 2004 entrees—Raising the BAR, This Charming Slate, and the Slate of the Union—all display flaws that we were unable to ignore.

With that said, it is with trepidation that the Maroon endorses the Slate of the Union for this year's Student Government election. We are encouraged by its members' interest in improving communication on a number of fronts: between the students and the administration; between Student Government Finance Committee and RSOs; and between Student Government and student athletes, who deserve more supportive students at competitions. We applaud their commitment to retaining minorities within the student body, and to opening competition to find the most cost-efficient student healthcare plan. Finally, the Slate of the Union's proposal to reorganize bus and late-night van services gets our vote merely for its impact on the quality of student life.

Elections will be held from Monday through Wednesday. Don't forget to vote.