May 11, 2004

Residents consider options

As students contemplate their living arrangements for next year, many are looking to the General Housing Lottery, which will take place this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8 p.m. in the B-J dining hall. General lottery numbers span from 1 to nearly 2600, with numbers 1 to 800 selecting rooms on Tuesday, numbers 801 to1600 on Wednesday, and numbers 1601 and above on Thursday. The General Housing Lottery allows students to reserve rooms in dorms in which they do not live currently.

In a rare turn of events, sources indicate that there will be space available in Burton-Judson this year, although rooms in Blackstone and Stony Island will be scarce.

Standard doubles in the housing system cost approximately $519 per month per person, although singles in the housing system cost approximately $638 per person per month. The most expensive living accommodations in Housing, which include Shoreland doubles with kitchens, Shoreland efficiencies, and apartments in Blackstone and Stony Island go for $691 per month per person. Room confirmations will be distributed on May 28.