January 13, 2005

Pack the Place, tonight

Coming off a weekend in which the men's and women's basketball teams gutted out close wins over top rival Washington University, the Maroon urges U of C students to stop their Friday evening entertainment searches and "Pack the Place" tonight at Ratner. Our basketball program has been a key contributor to the community, with the teams donating their time to help coach local children as well as raising money for the men's coach's charity, Coaches for Cancer. With the added incentive of a T-shirt giveaway during the night, everyone should show their appreciation and take the opportunity to see the Maroons hitting their stride.

Many dismiss athletics as "not being their thing," but consider what you'll be missing: good basketball, a controlled 70-degree temperature, witty heckling, cushy bleachers wide enough to seat you and your 20 closest friends, free goodies, and a self-organized pep band playing the fight song that you need to hear at least once before you graduate. You could even trip over a future boyfriend or girlfriend while carrying your popcorn back from the concession stand.

Having put in months of preparation despite U of C academic and extracurricular responsibilities, Chicago student-athletes have earned your attention, and basketball plans on making tomorrow truly enjoyable. These players are our housemates, friends, and colleagues, and they've proven that they're pretty damn good at their academic and athletic lives. Don't fall into the typical trap of complaining about the weather or supposedly limited social life. It'll definitely beat waiting outside for the 55.