January 28, 2005

President Randel gets jiggy

Want to witness President of the University Don Randel doing a little song and dance? Quench your desire this weekend when the Quadrangle Club Revels, continuing a tradition that goes back to 1904, performs A Mob Musical: An Encomium to Clout and Cliché.

Ted Cohen, professor in the philosophy department, and his wife Andy Austin wrote the script and lyrics to this satire about Chicago's mob history and the University's reputation for intellectualism.

Faculty appearances include Randel, vice president of the University Michael Behnke, and Alison Boden, dean of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

The performances of the play will be held this weekend at the Quadrangle club, 1155 East 57th Street. For a discounted $10 rate, students can go to Friday's preview performance at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 for non-students. A $19.95 buffet dinner is on the same night at 6:30. On Saturday, pay $80 for the play and a gala dinner at 8:30. For the required reservations, call (773) 702-2550.