February 1, 2005

Gates of Diskord

Diskord, a student-run social issues magazine, introduced its first issue to the University on January 21. The journal covers domestic and international current affairs, with an emphasis on progressive causes and thought.

"Diskord was the result of a group of like-minded students, introduced to each other through common acquaintances, who agreed on the need for a publication of this sort at the University of Chicago," said Kelly Richter, a third-year in the College and the managing editor of Diskord. "Our desire was to create a publication of in-depth analysis and commentary on domestic/international current affairs, progressive political thought, and arts and culture, easily accessible to the greater student body on campus.  We were granted RSO status this past fall."

In its mission statement, the Diskord editors said the purpose of the new publication is to articulate progressive student causes at the University to the outside world.

"Our publication will provide a centralized hub for progressives to voice their causes and activities to the greater student body," the editors said in their first issue. "We furthermore seek to underscore the relevance of campus student issues to real world current events through an accessible print publication."

The magazine includes sections on domestic affairs, international affairs, and culture, as well as a political commentary section, in which contributors are free to write responses on any issue.

The monthly magazine will next appear in mid-February. Response to the magazine, according to Diskord editors, has been positive.