February 22, 2005


It is already eighth week, and the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine through. With pre-registration opening yesterday, and with the last midterm papers and exams falling in the next weeks before the finals rush, winter quarter is slowly melting into spring. These are the times that force students to take a look inside and bear down on their work. But as students frantically finish (or start) BA projects, and search for jobs for the upcoming summer of following year, it can be easy to forget the hard-working people who make life possible outside of our academic confines.

Our experience at the U of C is largely insular. During our time here we are encouraged to think deeply, apply frequently, and look beyond the page only to our bright, academic futures. But amid all of it, employees of the University are working just as long on their split-shifts as we are on our bio midterms and each deserves our respect and appreciation.

From cashiers at Bartlett to building managers, janitors and security, there are thousands of people who work everyday at the U of C to make things go smoothly for all of us. While we may be caught up in our own little worlds, we also interact in the lives of university employees. Foul weather and bad grades aside, these people merit our best, as they help make our university what it is. Smiling is a good start.