February 25, 2005

300-seat musical chairs

Want to relive a favorite childhood pastime¬ówithout peeing in your pants? Join the International Students Association (ISA) Saturday at 3 p.m. for a massive game of musical chairs at the Henry Crown Field House, involving more than 300 participants. The proceeds will benefit tsunami relief funds.

A variety of organizations are sponsoring the event, either through financial donations or prize donations, including many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and local Hyde Park establishments. Prizes for participants in the event range from autographed CDs from Virgin Records to gift certificates to the Seminary Co-Op bookstore to various magazine subscriptions. One particularly notable prize is a plane ticket, worth up to $400, which is being provided by Office of the Dean of Students in the College and the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities, through the direction of Bill Michel. "They are simply awesome people," said Vincent Choi, president of the ISA and a third-year in the College. "When you win that plane ticket, please go up to them and give them your thanks and appreciation. Actually, you should do that even if you don't win the plane ticket. They strain their lives for the students here."

A person that the ISA would have loved to participate in tomorrow's event was the infamous Tucker Max. For those who avoid sick, yet entertaining, humor, Tucker Max is a U of C graduate who runs a less-than-appropriate humor website. "We asked if he could come, but he'd only want to come if there's beautiful women and free alcohol," Choi said. "He said he can bring his own women, but I can't give him anything but water, so he didn't get back to me anymore."