April 12, 2005

A Last Hurrah

Spring quarter has arrived and, as always, graduating seniors are inching toward their diplomas and turning their thoughts to the world beyond Hyde Park. Some will make a seamless transition into the working world, making a salary, and set on a clear path for the rest of their lives. Other students' futures, however, will not be so certain.

For those who are not bound by financial need, spending some time in your parents' house might not be the worst of all worlds. If you don't have an answer about what your summer plans are, don't stress about it. After all, a certain time and distance from the University may provide a valuable perspective, and allow time both to digest the U of C experience, and to consider possible opportunities at a greater leisure.

Go backpacking. Go scuba-diving. Do something. That something does not have to involve a cubicle or more books. That something should be what you have always wanted to do. The Maroon believes that U of C students are exceptionally good at what Mark Twain advised: not letting schooling get in the way of one's education. Perhaps we should also make sure that our careers don't get in the way of our lives.