April 15, 2005


The article "Admin Decides to Affiliate with WRC" in Monday's edition incorrectly reported that the University is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and is partnered with Barnes & Noble bookstores. Though Barnes & Noble is contracted by the University to run the campus bookstore and holds its vendors to the FLA Code of Conduct, the University is not partnered with the bookstore, nor is it a member of the FLA.

In the same article, Steve Klass, vice president and dean of students in the University, was misquoted as saying: "As a part of [the WRC] we've always wanted to take reasonable due diligence to make sure our vendors know that workplace conditions are very important to us." Instead, Klass meant to stress that although the University has not been part of the WRC, it has nevertheless been concerned about workplace conditions and was diligent in working through Barnes & Noble to hold the University's licensees to the FLA Code of Conduct.

The Maroon regrets and apologizes for these errors.