April 3, 2005

Letter to the Editor

SGFC Funding

At the end of last quarter the MAROON ran an article that I found very disingenuous concerning the Student Government Finance Committee. The above-the-fold, front page headline claimed that SGFC had "run out" of funding and "[came] up short" this year. Most of the article made it seem like no money was being allocated to any events in the spring quarter. In reality, SGFC had merely allocated most (not all, it turns out) of its spring funding for spring quarter events, but it had done so in the winter quarter. If the MAROON thinks that SGFC should only review funding applications for spring events in the spring quarter instead of funding them earlier and allowing those events to be planned in advance, then someone should write a Viewpoints article about it. However, I find it sensationalistic for the MAROON to try to scandalize funds being allocated in advance. For the record, SGFC has funded a wide variety of upcoming spring events such as The Festival of the Arts ($25,000); the OBS Culture Show ($8600); a panel on Christian Zionism, American Foreign Policy, and the Israel/Palestine conflict ($950); a Fiddler's Contest ($430); a conference on Emerging Trends in Education Reform in Chicago ($1000); and many, many more events that RSOs and students will enjoy. All SGFC-funded events will be listed on the website (events.uchicago.edu/students) and they are open to all graduate and undergraduate students.

Jeremy Guttman

Fourth-year in the College

SG College Council