June 3, 2005

Shady tactics

The first edition of the Chicago Shady Dealer, the University of Chicago's new satirical publication, made what some parties might consider an alarmingly shady debut. Reports have circulated that the Shady Dealer was distributed by means of concealment within another University publication: the Chicago Weekly (CW). No agreement on this arrangement was reached by the two publications prior to the discovery of the intruding Dealer.

Zachary Binney, editor-in-chief of the Shady Dealer has denied his staff's involvement in the episode. "The Shady Dealer does not condone the actions of those who placed copies of our publication in the CW. It was not our idea, nor was it even implied by anyone on the editorial staff to my knowledge. I can only assume it was a couple of overzealous writers who took it upon themselves to distribute the Dealer in this fashion." Binney said that he had communicated with the CW editors, and that both agreed the Shady Dealer has crossed the bounds of appropriate behavior. "I have already apologized formally to the CW and hope we can put this minor issue to rest," he said.

The CW declined to comment on the situation, except to say that representatives of the CW "have personally spoken to the Dealer staff and [have been] assured that such actions will not happen in the future."

"Being distributed with the CW is not beneficial to us; we will reach the constituency we want to on our own," continued Binney. "I believe the Shady Dealer can stand on its own and reach the right people via our distribution methods and by posting it online. It was not fair to the CW to stash our publication in with theirs as it made it appear we were in some way related, sponsored, or birthed from their publication."

The Shady Dealer's first edition came out on Wednesday, May 25, and its second came out Wednesday, June 1. The Shady Dealer is available online at or in print form at the Reynolds Club, Bartlett, and Cobb and from campus-wide staff distribution.