January 20, 2006

Midway Review to provide nonpartisan discourse on varied topics

A new student-run, nonpartisan political magazine called the Midway Review will publish its first issue this quarter, aiming to carve a niche among University publications as a forum for writers looking for a nonconfrontational, yet not necessarily academic, forum for their political musings.

Worried about a political atmosphere devolving toward partisan bickering and fanaticism, a group of College third-years, including editors Rita Koganzon and Mark Meador, launched the journal to encourage more intelligent and insightful discourse.

“[We] decided that a nonpartisan magazine would make for more productive argument, because it would require people to engage the entire campus rather than those that completely agreed or completely disagreed and only read to see how outrageous the other side could get,” Koganzon said.

The journal will include several pieces ranging in length from 1,000 to 2,500 words, submitted by what the editors hope is a diverse cross-section of the University. The essays will encompass current events, culture, politics, religion, and philosophy, and are focused on invoking debate and rational discussion.

“The format is roughly similar to the magazine Commentary, but without the requisite Judaism or exclusive neo-conservatism,” Koganzon said, referring to the monthly journal of the American Jewish Committee, which, although ostensibly political, also includes personal reflections and discourses on music and books.

The first issue of the Review is slated to publish at the quarter’s end. Students interested in submitting pieces to or joining the staff of the Review can find details online at