October 19, 2006

From the comments

In response to my Pizza review, Marshall asks, "how come you spent time writing about food when your blog hasn't commented once on the various school shootings that have occurred over the past month?" To answer, I would say first of all that there are an incredible number of important issues that I don't comment on because it would simply be impossible to do so. There are also ranging reasons why I don't comment on certain issues. They may simply not interest me as much as others; I may know more about some issues and less about others (Ed--That hasn't really stopped you in the past...); or I may just not quite know what to say, which is actually the case with school shootings.It is sad, obviously, both for the death involved itself and the desperation and madness that such young minds can find themselves in. But I'm not quite sure what the cause is and certainly not what the solution might be. I don't really buy into the violent video games and TV/movies argument; I haven't seen convincing arguments that indicate exposure to such imagery can really push someone over the edge. My gut feeling would be that someone on the edge is there for entirely different reasons and will be pushed over by any number of other reasons that we might not be able to predict. But I don't know. Are there in depth scientific studies of what pushes kids like this over the edge? In terms of prevention, I also don't really know where I stand.In regards to #2 of Sunday's Quick Hits, Jared asks, "What's private on the street?" referring to my assertion that Mayor Daley putting cameras on street corners would be an invasion of privacy. Ok, somewhat sloppy on my part. It was, however, a quick hit and therefore a quick note/argument. Yes, a public street is by its very virtue public, not private. That said, I think there is a certain perception that people should be allowed to travel around without being tracked from one corner to the next. I'm not confident there is actual legal standing for that, but there is most definitely a perceived reduction in privacy with security cameras on every street corner.