October 25, 2006

The pen is mightier

Or in this case, the textbook is mightier. A cantidate for Oklahoma state superindendent is proposing to arm students with bulletproof textbooks to defend themselves against school shooters:

Bill Crozier says the books could give students and teachers a fighting chance, if there's a shooting at their school.The retired substitute teacher is on a mission to make Oklahoma students a little safer. Crozier explains, "Our experiment was as scientific as we could make it. Just two or three people who had been in the military."Crozier took to an open field near Minco, to see if a text book could stop a bullet during a school shooting. ...The major improvements: possibly making the book covers out of Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests.
Why not just give every student a Kevlar vest to wear to school? Seems like it would be cheaper and a hell of a lot more effective then covering every school textbook with Kevlar. Jeez, if schools thought that textbooks were expensive now, wait until they had to add on the price of lining every school's 300 copies of Huckelberry Finn with Kevlar.Of course, my favorite solution is to just give every student a handgun. Not only would school shooters be warded off, but bullying would become a thing of the past.