October 31, 2006

Crazy Monday Quick Hits

1) Maroon Sports Editor emeritus Sean Ahmed brings to our attention the Maroons' next football opponent: Northwestern College (...that's St. Paul, MN not Evanston). Checkout their website. Here's a taste: "Our Foundation: Jesus Christ. How we compete: According to His Word! By His Power! For His Honor! In His Presence!"2) CNet News has the worst political websites including both incumbents and challengers. Seeing crappy websites for politicians always gave me the creeps. If you can't hire some high school kid for minimum wage who would be honored to do the job, how can you pull anything else of? (Thanks to Wonkette, which all of a sudden is funny again. Good job non-Ana Maria Cox wonkettes.)3) After the North Korean nuclear test, condom sales and motel bookings in South Korea surged. Great topic for an econ dissertation, huh?4) There is a lot about the political world I don't know--I'm talking here about the day to day life of a politician, staffer, lobbyist, etc. rather than the actual issues at stake. So, it was pretty cool to read that many in politics have found a travel bottle of Purell hand sanitizer essential for all those handshakes. Except Howard Dean. The doctor.5) Thanks to Oxblog for explaining this awesome piece of news so well: "UK-based Egyptian mobile phone tycoon (and presumably rather wealthy) Mo Ibrahim has one of the better development ideas ever. He is going to give $5 million to African heads of state who leave office democratically and act that way while in power." Talk about creative use of incentives!