November 17, 2006

New econ magazine comes to campus

A new student run publication, The Economic Times, will debut on campus today. The magazine will cover topics in economics ranging from business to more unconventional themes.

The Economic Times was born out of a previous student-run magazine founded several years ago named The Bizz.

“While The Bizz was intended to cover mainly business, we hope to make [The Economic Times] more appealing by extending that focus to the topic of economics,” said second-year Sherrick Lewis, the editor in chief of the magazine.

According to its organizers, the magazine will approach mundane topics with an economics spin. The first issue will include articles about problems funding non profit arts foundations as well as more student-oriented articles, such as the economic implications of Facebook and YouTube.

Magazine organizers hope to fill a gap in the undergraduate economic voice of the University, Lewis said.

“It doesn’t make sense that this type of magazine didn’t exist previously, given the large range of resources at the University,” he said. “We have such a huge amount of great thinkers and analytical students and [The Economic Times] wants to present this image more clearly to the rest of the world.”

In addition to student-written articles, The Economic Times will feature articles by U of C professors and alumni in the Chicago business community.

The magazine will look different from other student publications on campus, organizers said. It will have substantially longer articles and fewer pictures.

“It is very much a serious magazine,” Lewis said.

However, Lewis added the magazine is also intended to appeal to the U of C’s student population.

“Think of it as the love child of Wired and The Economist, run by someone with a very dark sense of humor,” he said.

Today’s magazine will be available for free around campus and at a booth in the Reynolds Club. Subsequent issues will be available for a small fee.