November 26, 2006

Syria's dirty hands

After all the denials, everyone--including the Syrians and the Lebanese--know that Syria is actively trying to grab and hold on to political control of Lebanon. Assad was behind the February 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and is also almost certainly behind the recent assassination of anti-Syrian Lebanese Minister for Industry Pierre Gemayel. The Sandmonkey has proof.By letting this continue, the international community is spitting in the face of Lebanon and weakening its own ability to enforce United Nations mandates which is supposedly holds so dear. Syria's actions violate general international laws of sovereignty and specific Security Council resolutions regarding Lebanon, including 1559 and the most recent 1701. Where are the special sessions of the General Assembly? Where are the resolutions condemning Syria?UPDATE: The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a new Syria-backed resolution condemning Israel for its "occupation" of the Golan Heights. The new council has yet to look at a single country other than Israel in its 6-month existence and has the nerve to criticize Israel with a Syrian resolution just days after Syria commits another political assassination. Amazing.You know that scene in 1984 where the government reduces the chocolate rations and announces that the rations have increased? Yeah. What a Monday.UPDATE #2: The Human Rights Council also rejected a strongly worded resolution comdening the Sudanese regime responsible for the Darfur genocide.