November 8, 2006

Quick hits2

1) The AP and MSNBC (and CNN as George notes below) have called Montana for Tester. That means the only Senate race left up in the air is Virginia where Webb now has a 7,000 vote lead, a pretty substantial margin. Is this a substantial enough for Allen to back off of calling for a recount? Maybe.2) Democrats are already riffling through the new nominee for DoD's past. Apparently Gates might have had some involvement in Iran-Contra.3) Could 2008 bring in more Senate seats for the Democrats? Probably.4) 10 states passed Anti-Kelo referendum last night. Interesting, I wonder how much Republicans thought that putting that on the ballot would woo libertarians to the polls? Because if they did, they failed to realize many would vote Libertarian.5) So much for the power of gerrymandering to keep House seats Republican, right? Brad DeLong argues that the Democrats won in spite of it (i.e. Democrats would have taken more seats in the House if their was no Republican Gerrymandering). But, a while back a couple of Harvard economists showed that Gerrymandering doesn't really affect election results (I blogged about it here). I'm buying their argument even more today.That is all for now. Stay tuned though.