December 5, 2006

Making a stand

The Harvard Crimson Editorial Board on the University of Southern California's decision to block the re-election of the Daily Trojan's Editor in Chief:

Fox was re-elected by the staff of the Daily Trojan behind a vision which called for more financial transparency and a reorganization of the paper’s senior editor positions. Yet, his election required the approval of USC’s Media Board, a body of students, faculty members, and administrators that oversees the school’s student-run media operations. USC Vice President of Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson, a member of this board, decided not even to present Fox to the board, describing Fox’s vision as irreconcilable with the Media Board’s outline for the role....
That is really enough for me to be outraged, but they go on to detail the absurd rationale for the blocking of the nomination.Read it all if you want to be outraged too. Here is the LA Times on the issue.