February 14, 2006

New mag targets campus women

Thursday marks the official return of The Woman’s Guide to the U of C, a publication that has compiled information about the University resources available for women. The RSO will return after a multi-year hiatus with a print publication and a new website.

According to Agraja Sharma, the RSO’s president and a fourth-year in the College, the University offers many female-oriented resources, but they are often spread out and hard to access. The project is aimed especially at incoming students who are least familiar with campus resources.

“The Woman’s Guide to the U of C aims to create a forum (through our publication and website) that compiles resources available for women at the University of Chicago on and off-campus,” Sharma said.

The guide, to be published biannually, will provide guidance including where to find academic help, where to exercise, and where to find information about pregnancy and women’s health issues. The website will also organize woman’s resources and will be edited by various RSOs and campus resource groups.

The launch party for The Woman’s Guide to the U of C will be held in Hutch Commons at 8:30 p.m. Thursday. The first publication of the guide will be available at the party. There will be four live girl bands, baked goods, and other RSOs on hand.