April 21, 2006

Sex pro shows nerds the ropes, chains

The Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities held a “Flirting for Nerds” workshop on Tuesday in the Stuart Hall Cox Lounge.

Led by Rebecca Steinmentz of the North Side feminist sex toy store, Early to Bed, the PG-rated workshop taught attendants both sexual and non-sexual flirting tips for how to engage in social situations with members of either gender.

“Flirting is about making another person feel good,” said Steinmentz. Smiling, being open, speaking loudly and clearly, and having an air of confidence and a relaxed presence all make a person more accessible to the opposite sex, she said.

To attract attention, Steinmentz recommended visualizing success, wearing something that makes you feel good, and using flirting props such as eccentric clothes, buttons, interesting books, or pets.

Alexa Webster-Clark, a second-year in the College, said she came into the workshop with a positive attitude. “I thought it would be amusing,” she said.

Jen Kennedy, a 2002 U of C alumna and Cobb Coffee Shop coordinator, echoed Webster-Clark’s sentiments on the event.

“I thought that it was a fun program and that it was something that interested [students],” she said. “The speaker was wonderful, and I think everyone who attended learned a little something about how to relate to others more easily.”