May 11, 2006

The official disclaimer

Now that The Editors Blog has settled into a nice rhthym, I thought it about time to disseminate the obvious but obligatory disclaimer. It is, I am sure, what you all expected:The views expressed on this blog, whether explicit or implicit, are those of the individual authors themselves, and should not be attributed to the Chicago Maroon, the University of Chicago, the authors' families, friends, significant others, or future employers.As you continue reading our blog--and I sincerely hope you do--you'll notice that Andrew, Alec, and I will agree on some things and disagree on many others. This, we believe, is a strength and will add to great intellectual debate. We all encourage feedback from our readership, via e-mail, and in the near future via a comments feature. We also encourage readers to direct feedback to the individual author or authors whom they are responding to. Any general comments about The Editors Blog are of course always welcome.