June 5, 2006

Hyde Park116

In an extremely sad post Dan Drezner bids farewell to Hyde Park/Chicago (he was denied tenure earlier this year, something I lack the qualifications to even begin to speculate on, all I know about Drezner is that he is a top notch blogger). In the post he lists the things he will miss and the things he will not miss about Chicago. Seeing as I will be leaving Hyde Park for the summer in less than a week’s time it is a subject close to my heart. Two of the things Drezner lists that strike a chord with me are:

2) My walk to work in the spring. When the miniature lilac bushes bloom on 57th street, the scent is one of the best stress-reducers around. Plus, any commute that requires walking past Robie House every day is a good thing.
4) Istria cafe. Those guys could whip up a mean skim mocha.
But I think Drezner really misses the two biggest perks of Hyde Park. First, the book stores. I don't know anywhere but San Francisco that can begin to rival the selection and breadth of book stores that Hyde Park offers (not to mention if they don’t have anything, I can always go to the Reg which will soon be the largest academic library in the world). But second, and also related, is the intellectual oasis Hyde Park frequently is. Steven Levitt has a brief post about a haircut he got in Hyde Park (trust me it makes sense if you read this and this) which I found particularly representative (and amusing):
The guy sitting in the chair next to me was reading a book the whole time he was having his hair cut.As he left, I managed to catch the title: “Quantam Physics in America.”Only in Hyde Park.
Of course, I will also enjoy having decent dining close by, decent supermarkets, and my dogs, but for all the shit it is given, Hyde Park is a pretty cool place.