July 20, 2006

Barack is headed to Iowa

Obama in '08?It certainly looks like he is keeping the door open. Wide open:

Sen. Barack Obama is heading to Iowa in September to headline the state’s biggest Democratic event of the year, the Chicago Tribune has learned.The junior senator from Illinois will make his Iowa debut at Sen. Tom Harkin's annual Steak Fry. The venue is among the most sought-after platforms in Democratic politics, a rural fairground south of Des Moines that has hosted Bill Clinton three times and a string of prospective presidential hopefuls over the years.Until now, Obama has taken great care to steer clear of Iowa, the state that traditionally launches the race for the White House. But accepting the invitation to appear on Harkin's high-profile stage Sept. 17 underscores the notion that Obama is not intent on tamping down speculation about his interest in the 2008 campaign.
Update: By the way, if you haven't heard Obama's speech on religion check it out here. It is the first time I've heard a speech and thought of someone as "presidential," in much the same way Clinton would inspire similar feelings. For good review of the speech check out David Adesnik's of OxBlog's remarks here.