July 20, 2006

Quick Hits7

Because there is so much to mention and so much Acemoglu to read...1. Jack Balkin points out why you can't even give Bush credit for taking a moral stand in his veto of the stem cell bill (the type of credit Andrew Sullivan dumps all over Bush). Basically, Balkin reminds us that every move of the Bush White House is choreographed by Rove.2. Ezra Klein quotes Senator Voinovich over at TAPPED today. In the quote Voinovich argues that not renominating Bolton as the US ambassador to the UN would send a signal to terrorists that they had won. Klein has this brilliant response:

Because if anything discourages al-Qaeda, it's robust congressional support for our diplomatic representative to the UN. What a wanker.
3. Is anyone else a little dismayed that this NYTimes article has been one of the top ten most emailed articles for nearly a month now? Even more so with all that is going on in the world. At least it is better than the last article that sat on the top ten for so long. (Full disclosure: I am actually guilty of emailing the article to my girlfriend, but still, a month??)4. In good news, a study has found that there more than 12 million bloggers. In not so good news the overwhelming majority of bloggers sounds really lame, and not in the lame, but actually cool, U of C sort of way.5. Even the impervious Switzerland is worried about the threat of Islamic terrorism. Maybe this will be a wakeup call to every pundit that can't stop using WW2 and holocaust analogies. Or maybe it will just be reason for them to amend those analogies in more interviews and columns.6. While Iraq gets worse and worse by the day (causing some to vindicate Hobbes' Leviathan), things in Somalia are getting even worse. You might remember that Islamists took control of the capital earlier this year (I discussed the matter in relation to Iraq here). Well, now the Islamic militias are close to capturing another key city, and Ethiopia has threatened to attack if the Islamists take control. Oh boy. 7. American Floyd Landis catapulted himself back into contention today after falling apart and falling behind by more than 8 minutes yesterday. American cyclist Bobby Julich (who dropped out of the race this year after a gruesome crash in a time trial) had this to say about Landis' riding today:
Floyd Landis' Stage 17 ride on Thursday was the most amazing ride I have ever seen in my life and will go down as one of the best rides of all time, and Landis will go down as one of cycling's gutsiest riders.
Landis is now in third place, thirty seconds behind the leader, and lucky for him, Saturday's time trial is his specialty.8. What will my top five list be tomorrow? I don't know, but check it out tomorrow to see what it is.