August 15, 2006

Running Carlos Zambrano into the ground

Leave it to the Cubs to run their only consistently healthy pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, into the ground:

It was a workhorse victory for Zambrano (13-5), who walked seven and hit one but held Houston batters hitless in seven at-bats with men in scoring position.Baker rode him as if the Cubs were in the middle of the wild-card race.Zambrano, who leads the National League in strikeouts (167) and walks (96), had only five strikeouts in the 121-pitch outing. It was the seventh 120-pitch start for Zambrano, who leads the majors in both total pitches and pitches per start.
What the hell is Baker thinking? These games mean nothing and in order for Zambrano to get his pitches under control he has to be able to throw in the future. Such high pitches per start does not bode well for Zambrano's performance down the line, and for what short term gain?Gar...