August 16, 2006

A good day for some very bad people

Fantastic news out of the Middle East today, Hezbollah has declared victory over Israel because it still exists. This sentiment has been echoed by Syria and Iran, which also took the occasion to mock the US. This all makes it seem like the war was for nothing. It also makes me think that Machiavelli was right and that Israel should have flattened Hezbollah, at least that is what any virtuous Israeli leader would have done.Then, to add insult to, well, insult, Iran opened up an exhibition of cartoons mocking the Holocaust. Iran claimed this was a response to the Danish cartoons that had a yet to be disclosed link to the Holocaust. But apparently this was a big deal in Iran, more than 1,200 entries were received and the lucky 204 winners were selected by a jury. Seems like the Iranian version of American Idol.