August 17, 2006

Lieberman is back on top

Good news from Connecticut today, Lieberman is, yet again, trouncing Lamont in the polls. This time though the sample is likely voters as opposed to likely primary voters. The funniest thing about the polling results is that the Republican's Senatorial cantidate Alan Schlesinger is not only getting beat by Lieberman in the "likely Republican voters" category, but also by Lamont! Ouch.But seriously, the one thing I never got about the people that were demanding Lieberman step aside and not run as an independent was how they constantly referred to Lieberman's duty to his party. Since when is a politician's chief duty to his party? Last time I checked Lieberman was elected by the people of Connecticut, no one else. Shouldn't they be the ones who get to decide who their representive is, not just the Democrats in the state.