August 23, 2006

Arrested Development DVD extras

Season three of Arrested Development comes out on DVD in a week. I've already pre-ordered it, but I'm not writing this to tell you what to buy and not buy (although I kinda am, go buy it, it is brilliant!). The Washington Post had a review of the DVD that featured two interesting extra that the DVD offers:

Most Touching Bonus Point: It's rare to see the softer side of any "Arrested Development" star. But we get a glimpse of genuine emotion from Will Arnett, who plays magician and oldest Bluth brother Gob, during the featurette "The Last Day on Location." After the crew declares that Arnett has wrapped his final shot for the series, the wisecracking actor chokes up while expressing thanks to cast and crew. Wow, Gob. We never knew you had it in you.Most Intriguing Bonus Point: At the end of the commentary for "Development Arrested," the show's final episode, discussion about the rumored "Arrested Development" feature film ensues. "I have a pretty good idea for the movie, which I'll tell you about after we stop recording," Bateman tells Hurwitz. "I think we should make it into a movie and then spin it off into a TV show," cracks Arnett. Are they serious, or just pulling a prank? It's unclear, although the blooper reel closes with the words "To be continued?," which no doubt will fuel additional discussion on more than one fan Web site.