August 23, 2006

Whitney Houston's #1 fan: Osama bin Laden

Sudanese writer and activist Kola Boof, 37, claims in "Diary of a Lost Girl" that she was the unwilling mistress of the leader of Al Qaeda years before he masterminded the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and that he often fantasized about the pop diva.In her book, Boof alleges that bin Laden joked about killing Houston's husband, Bobby Brown, and then inviting Houston to join his harem."He mentioned her constantly, how beautiful she is, what a nice smile, how truly Islamic she is, but just brainwashed by American culture and her husband," Boof reportedly said.
Finally something the US can hold over bin Laden. Perhaps we could use her to woo him out of his hiding spot, it's not like her music career is going anywhere.