August 25, 2006

Stupid security policies

It is so absurd that the government, in its attempts to ensure the security of airplanes would ban all liquids before allowing Air Marshal's to dress in a manner that lets them blend in:

Dana A. Brown, director of the Federal Air Marshal Service, said in a memo to air marshals that the dress code revisions will take effect Sept. 1 and replace a policy that some air marshals criticized for being so strict that they stood out on some flights.Brown told air marshals in the memo that the policy was being amended to "allow you to dress at your discretion."...The previous dress code generally required air marshals to wear collared shirts, sport coats and dress shoes. The service loosened some of the restrictions a year ago, officials said.
But before you think things are all better, turns out there are still plenty of stupid policies that can't be changed because the problems they create don't lead to "easy solutions":
Top TSA officials said they were reviewing other policies that have irked some air marshals, including having them board flights before other passengers, making them easier to spot.In his memo, Brown said some issues, such as pre-boarding of flights, "do not lend themselves to simple solutions."
What a bunch of idiots. Doesn't really inspire confidence in the safety of the airways which is apparently something the government is willing to spend billions to ensure.