September 13, 2006


I didn't write an obligatory 9/11 post yesterday (I spent my blogging time yesterday packing up for my upcoming trip to Chicago) but I'll leave it at my favorite links from yesterday:First, the Onion's issue from right after the attacks, you can view the contents of the issue here. My favorite article was this one which so perfectly summarized what the nation was feeling at the time (I still can’t believe I went out and hung an American flag from outside my bedroom window). Second, the comic book version of the 9/11 Commission Report which is available at Slate. The comic book is well done and was a bearable way to revisit the attacks. I can't even come to think about going to one of those 9/11 movies or watching some docu-drama. For me, dramatizing 9/11 seems impossible.Third, James Fallows' article from last months Atlantic. It is the best reporting on exactly where we stand in the War on Terror I have read. It is a must read. His conclusion? We are in much better shape then any politician will let on.