September 20, 2006

Welcome new and old U of Cers

It seems the trusty Chicago Maroon has come out with its annual Orientation Issue, which looks quite good from what I have read so far. We've been getting a fair amount of traffic from the page, so other people must be enjoying it as well. I'd like to welcome any first-time visitors to The Editors Blog and encourage you to come back soon and often.To further entice you, I would like to point out that we write about some really interesting things on this page. For instance, someone recently found our site by Googling "ahmadinejad chicago". I assure all the new arrivals in Chicago that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's spectacularly genocidal president, is in fact not in Chicago. He is, however, just a few blocks away from me in New York, speaking at the U.N. and being as nutty as always. At least he wasn't laughed at behind his back by the General Assembly president like one of his raunchy anti-Semitic friends was. And yes, Chavez did in fact give an oral Noam Chomsky book review to the GA today.