September 30, 2006

"Once science declares a thing possible there is no escape from its eventual realization"

Arthur C. Clarke, in one of my favorite quotes, got it right. In reference to previous posts on the matter: "Many U.S. Couples Seek Embryo Screening"...and are offered the ability to choose the sex of their child.Ethically speaking, those opposed to any type of abortion will object on the grounds that other embryos are destroyed in the process and it is therefore morally unacceptable, the same objections voiced for "traditional" abortion and any IVF procedure. Others could object to the "un-natural" method, as they would to IVF, rather than on the grounds of prematurely ending life.Then, there are those of have little problem with abortion, but feel vaguely uncomfortable the more we can "design" babies. That, my friends, will be one difficult discussion. How far, as a society, are we willing to go? Our technology will essentially take us a far as we want; it is only a matter of time.