September 30, 2006

Weekend Quick Hits

1) Even the conservatives are starting to desert George Allen. His presidential aspirations are just about shot and he'll have a damn hard time even winning re-election.2) And the U.N. wonders why I have so little faith in it (Ok, I guess they don't wonder why I specifically have little faith, but you get my point). Peacekeepers should not shake hands with terrorists.3) The San Francisco Chronicle reporters who broke the Bonds/BALCO steroid story and then wrote the phenomenal book about it, which I heavily praised, may be heading to jail. With what has happened at the NYTimes in recent years, we are in serious need for a new debate about the rights of journalists and confidential sources.4) A classic: Jay Drezner's Top Ten list of "Reasons Why I Am A Genius And My Brother [Dan Drezner] Is Not".