September 6, 2006

Fun editorials at the LA Times

The LA Times had two fun editorials on subjects that don't typically warrant such attention.One calling for In-N-Out to turn its original location into a burger shrine, of sorts. I don't really care what In-N-Out does with its original location, but I do hope that the company doesn't franchise itself out after the death of its founders wife. Nothing would be worse than In-N-Out losing what makes it so special.Another, this one a staff editorial, lauding HBO's fantastic "The Wire." If you haven't checked out this show, do it. Now. Especially if you are a fan of crime dramas. Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy) had this to say about "The Wire":

Before I started watching "The Wire," my four favorite TV/movie detectives of all-time were Sonny Crockett ("Miami Vice"); Jack Cates ("48 Hrs."); Johnny Kelly ("NYPD Blue"); and Nick Curran (Michael Douglas' character in "Basic Instinct"), who couldn't break away from Sharon Stone even though he knew that every time she climbed on top during sex, there was a 50 percent chance she might ram an ice pick into his chest. But Jimmy McNulty in "The Wire" (played by Dominic West) ... he might end up beating them all before everything's said and done. He might have even moved to No. 1 during the scene in Season 2 when they raid a brothel and he ends up in a threesome before the rest of the cops arrive. Not even Sonny Crockett would have done that.