January 19, 2007

Times’s Kristof talks about Darfur on WHPK

Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof spoke as a guest on WHPK’s Tomorrow with Alex Beinstein show on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of University divestment from Darfur.

“[There is] a real symbolic benefit to making that move,” said Kristof, who has written extensively on the Darfur genocide.

Kristof voiced his encouragement for campus efforts pressing the administration to divest. “For those students that are active on the issue at Chicago: More power to you and keep it up.”

Kristof called the conflict in Darfur the “worst of human crimes,” and said that applying pressure “would save hundreds of thousands.”

“I don’t think that we should send American ground troops,” Kristof said. He instead suggested creating a no-fly zone, rallying European support, and pressuring China as three international policy measures that would yield results. “Use the bully pulpit,” he said, referring to the stance he felt President Bush should take on the situation.

—Seth Mayer